Recruitment to the teams Harmonia and Olympia is open to skaters of Junior or Senior age. We accepting skaters aged 12-26, who have mastered not only technical skills, but also elements of free skating, such as basic jumps and spins.

Any experienced skater who no longer practices the sport at the top level can also join Euphoria. Euphoria is not age-restricted thanks to the Mixed Age competitive category, and our skaters are currently aged 11 to 23.

Even the basics of skating can be learned here with us. For our Minnies team, we are looking for children, who would like to devote their time to the sport and who are suited to it. The ideal age to begin figure skating is 5-7 years. It is also possible to sign-up children who have already mastered the basics – for example, aged 8-11 – who would like to dedicate themselves to a team sport. The recruitment of beginner skaters is possible throughout the whole season.

All of our teams participate each year in a successful training camp with a world-renowned Finnish coach Mirjami Penttinen, which will be held 24-26 May at the ice rink in Nymburk.

Our Senior team Olympia has successfully represented the Czech Republic at the World Championships for 12 years and we believe that next season they will again fight for the best possible world placement in Lake Placid, USA. This year, Olympia placed in the TOP 15, securing 13th place among strong competition.

Fun, travel and a wonderful group of friends, but also hard work on the ice and off, including dance, strength and teamwork. The opportunity to join our teams is now!

If you are interested in a trial session or more information, contact our head coaches or email


Kateřina Urbanová Head Coach of team Olympia, Harmonia and Euphoria
+420 723 440 063
Jitka Mokrá team manager and Head Coach of team Minnies
+420 602 290 167
If you are interested in a trial session or more information,
contact our head coaches or email

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